Appointment with honesty

Today, I interviewed a confident middle-aged woman who is anxious for work. She’s in her 40’s and homeless, at her lowest. After hearing her story I thought, “I should give her a job” and arranged an interview knowing I was simply caving to some selfish motivation to save her life. Instead of hiring her, we talked for over an hour about what happens to us when God does something big and scary to get our attention. I told her I was not going to offer her a job because I felt I was doing so out of a need to rescue her. i told her I felt she would feel obligated to stay employed by me and miss out on her true place that’s just around the bend. She accepted my brutal honesty and said she was grateful. We then talked even more about our life journeys and the peaks and valleys and about our conviction that God has a purpose for all seasons. She was surprised that I, a potential employer, a “professional” a person who is not homeless had many of the same detours, failures and worries as did she. Even more surprising for us both was the give and take, the listening, the nods. We, strangers for the most part talked openly about our belief that God has something big for her and that she should not settle for working for me.

She approached me anxious for work, anxious for a solution. She left with my promise that I would be helping her find a job and the reassurance that where she is now is surely a holding pattern for the flight of her life. What a joy to listen, to share, to give and accept honesty. Pay attention to the people God places on your path, especially when it’s an appointment with honesty.

7 thoughts on “Appointment with honesty

  1. Great story… you link to your twitter account?…do you use FB, if so, link to that also and little by little, you build a reader base. Consider adding some widgets, especially one that you can use for people to sign up and receive e-mail versions every time you post something.


    • Thanks for your encouragement and advice! lisanne3015 <> wrote:

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