Filtering Fears

I have a new response to my creation of agonizingly imaginable incidents occurring in my children’s lives.  I filter my thoughts with “Fact or Fear?”  This morning, I approached the exact location of my daughter’s accident several years ago, an accident that pushed her head-on into a Mack truck. The Mack truck, driven by a law-abiding trucker, had stopped at the railroad crossing and had thereby totaled the hand-me-down Jeep but caused no harm to my daughter. As I saw the police officers clearing the scene this morning, dirty oily stains, skid marks, and shards of glass, I only for a second did an instant inventory of their whereabouts. I stopped myself and I enabled my “Fact or Fear” filter. Heather was by now teaching her precious 4 yr. old students 30 miles away and Austin left at 6:00 a.m. and was by now sitting in Chemistry. These are facts. They are rational and they are true and they do not become inflamed through a mother’s inventory of “what if’s”. So, moms, try my filter…it’s a lot like God’s love…fact not fearImage

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