Gifts every morning


This morning, as is the norm, I watch Heather stomp from her bedroom to the bathroom. She struggles to make it down the hallway without opening her eyes. There’s no need to initiate a verbal exchange because I know better. There’s no need to ask about her plans for the day. Austin, laid back and sprawled out, legs folded over the arm of the loveseat…knows too…and just let’s her be her. Feisty, resilient, outspoken and determined are her strongest qualities. Laid back, quiet, introspective are his. Heather has been known to speak her mind and is prone to tantrums. Austin has been known to have an air of arrogance and lack of connectedness. None of these labels fit. I know the real cores of my children as does their Creator. 

Those cores are deep, deep layers that require a closer look and a closer recall of heredity, bloodline, intrinsic heritage. 

My daddy was quiet, thin, neat as a pin, and believed the only good man was an honest man. My granddaddy, Austin, was a rascal. He had a smile that charmed with an upturned lip and he had a broad-shouldered confident walk. He was a fisherman who mainly fished for solace. This is the imprint of Austin.

My mama was a gorgeous southern woman; but, never agonized over appearance.  She was just “Bette”. A cook who saw cooking as joy. She loved football and soaking up the sun. She was prone to intolerance of petty, “peculiar” people. She was comfortable in her skin whether she was lounging on the sofa in her pajamas or dressed for town.  She dressed down or up, rarely in between.  She had a slow, drawn out way of talking and had the rare gift of listening in conversation. She was one of those people you loved to talk to because there was never any mystery of her convictions. She would put you in your place and you’d find yourself shocked and then laughing your butt off because you knew she was right! This is the imprint of Heather Analise.

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3

My Heather and my Austin are Gifts, rewards I feel so unworthy of, but thrilled to open every single morning!

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