courageous vulnerability


Would you say if someone tells you that you are courageous, you would feel complimented?  If someone admired your transparency, would you say “Thank you” and smile inside?

Or would you wonder, “Oh, no what have done? ” surprisingly, not me, not this time!  I have poured my heart into text and it is freeing and it is my purpose! I have begun the thing I thought I could not do.  

I find myself wanting to tell more, to keep the flow flowing. There are so many stories to my story of a life pulled increasingly closer to God…a God who never gave up on me.

What good will come of this blog, I have no idea or expectation. I just know that there are stories of my God’s saving grace and mercy unending that I am ready to tell.  There are stories of grace that I feel brave enough to share because I trust God will select the listener and for this reason, there is purpose in my pain…there is certainly a reason I was never abandoned.

NOT Sharing is not an option.  Scary? Not so much…Vulnerable? Always, but aren’t we all?

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