Day is done, Lord is listening.

   Today, my day was sprinkled with hardship. A friend calls to tell me about a young person’s suicide. I am reminded of a presentation in which I am called upon to discuss how to recognize depression in older adults with chronic illnesses. I get a phone call to encourage me and I listen as I’m told,  “You always know what to say, you have a gift and always make people feel better.” Earlier in the day, another friend said “You have a gift for saying the right thing at the right time. It’s from above.”

   I have spent my entire life helping, listening, advising. At day’s end, the weight of scary and sorrowful finds me shifting to my own uncertainties and the fragility of family unknowns. So, tonight, troubled tired, weary, I am praying for a sense of peace and an affirmation of holding on, trusting more, pulling myself from the cliff of “must fix this now” and clawing my way out of the valley of doubt…hold on, hang in…it’s just a season!

So, as I did this morning, I will again tonight. I will talk to God, honest, candid, and frustrated…knowing He already knows, but listens still!

Morning, noon, and night I plead aloud in my distress and the Lord hears my voice.  Psalm  55:17

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