Secrets and stars

10151695822981203Can heaven be as simple as a star-filled sky on a black expanse of night?  I wonder when I find myself glancing upward then quickly away. I hesitate to gaze, face tilted towards the sharply pointed specks of light,  for I could stay there for hours looking for heaven.

But, I turn and stare into darkness with questions unanswered. Does mama know I’m looking for her amongst the stars?

There are inquiries left hanging. Horrible, unexplainable losses that make no sense…yet we look towards heaven, we ask and wait. We trust,believe and we embrace. We are  confounded by unknowns, yet lost without our Lord, our solace. We rest in his sovereign embrace. We are comforted in the acceptance of the “not knowing” and we are confident in the assurance of heaven…even when we can’t find it hidden amongst the stars.We are waiting expectantly to see the “secret things”…the secrets in the stars.

The secret things belong to the Lord, our God.  Deuteronomy 29:29

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