Looking for red birds

Lisa Anne Tindal

IMG_6423601501667So today I saw a red bird and thought of my grandma. They’re everywhere now; on the fence as I park my car at work or greeting me as I walk to my car at the end of the day, just sort of showing up, lingering for a second, then as if given a little “boost” flying high and away. As if to just take me to a sweet place of memories.

But today, this bird, more of a burgundy hue, bravelydarted just in front of my car and then flew sideways for just a second before disappearing into the trees. I always think seeing a red bird has meaning, a message. I have not read any “wives tales”, folklore or the Farmer’s Almanac to know this, I just know that anytime I see a red bird, I stop and think of my grandma. She collected red birds.

Today, because…

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