Looking for red birds

IMG_6423601501667So today I saw a red bird and thought of my grandma. They’re everywhere now; on the fence as I park my car at work or greeting me as I walk to my car at the end of the day, just sort of showing up, lingering for a second, then as if given a little “boost” flying high and away. As if to just take me to a sweet place of memories.

But today, this bird, more of a burgundy hue, bravely darted just in front of my car and then flew sideways for just a second before disappearing into the trees. I always think seeing a red bird has meaning, a message.  I have not read any “wives tales”, folklore or the Farmer’s Almanac to know this, I just know that anytime I see a red bird, I stop and think of my grandma. She collected red birds.

Today, because of the fierce intent of this bird to catch my eye as I hurried about my day; I made a mental note, “You need to slow down, Lisa. You’re hurried and you’re running like crazy, you’re about to crash.”

What gets your attention? What little sweet  do you notice? What crosses your path that for whatever reason lingers as something more than happenstance?

God is in the details. Don’t forget to notice.

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