Believing by Design


As an Art major before a Psychology major, I know good design is not in even numbers. I always group in three’s and I love to call my groupings “vignettes”. I got on a roll with Christmas decor this year and kept telling Heather to check out this “little vignette”. She was not amused that I loved the word “vignette” so much and shaking her head, swore that it was not even a word. Of course, my reply was, “Oh, yes it is”. Again, reminding her, as I often do both her and her brother…”If you have words, you need to use them!”. So, in our home, you will find groupings of three, no photos in pairs, candles in pairs or even things waiting to be used on the counter. I tend to notice the semblance of events, time and space based on the “Lisa” design rule of three.

Faith, Hope and Love
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
The three crosses
Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection

Today, I began my day thinking about a Beth Moore book I’m reading, “Believing God” and specifically about believing that God is in fact still capable of miracles. We just don’t pray believing that anymore. We think miracles are the stuff of the Old Testament or at least something only our great-grandparents ever brought up. I have noticed lately, that when I tell people that I prayed about something, I get a puzzled or confused look as if to say  “Awww, that’s so sweet; but, I know there’s no way you think your prayers really influenced that trivial outcome.” I want to say, ” Listen, I’m not telling you this because it sounds sweet or it makes for a good story, I am telling you because I am blown away by the way God listened!”

But, back to the 3 Things…

Early this morning, I woke still thinking about why we don’t believe in miracles. I then scanned Facebook and saw a friend proclaiming in her status about their family pet they had planned to “let go”, asked for prayers and then had a MIRACLE overnight. Their pet was going to live!  I then opened my book and a quote I jotted down from long ago, some sermon, some speaker, no idea…“Believe what God says about you, not what you feel. You are a Miracle.”

So, I began my day with this beautiful vignette of thoughts. I am believing God, my friend had a Miracle and proclaimed it, and God believes in me!

This is the confidence I have in approaching God…if I ask anything according to His will, he hears me. I know if he hears me, whatever I ask, I will have what I ask for.  I John 5:14-15

3 Things for good design, God’s design:  We ask, God listens, if it aligns with his plans we receive.

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