Abbie girl…a not so serious blog about a dog

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"Doggie- Yoga" Heather and Abbie are soulmates

“Doggie- Yoga” Heather and Abbie are soulmates…two of my loves.

Until this beagle here, I was not a dog person. Raised in the country with dogs in abundance, I never disliked dogs; but, I never was a person who is slightly irrationally connected with a dog!

We had other dogs before Abbie aka “Abbilena” … fuzzy white princess dogs that were predictable pets for Heather or a puppy who needed a home. We even have had masses of cats who were residents of our home; but, as cats go, they could care less about connecting with me. We liked ’em, we fed ’em, they purred and they hung out… they were content with that “no strings attached” arrangement, as most cats are.

It all began with a decision to take Abbie to Tybee Island for my 50th birthday…she behaved like a lady. She loved each and every one of us and followed all the rules, lounging on the screened in porch bed we made. From that point on, no going back…she was one with us and never once again slept in a dog house. She rewards us every single day for letting her move in and participate in our crazy, lazy, complicated daily routines!

Abbie makes me smile. She’s sad to see me go and thrilled to see me at whatever time I return. If Austin’s not home, she loves to plant herself in the middle of his big, comfy quilt and look up when he walks in saying “What??? I missed you!!!” She tilts her head to the side when she realizes I’ve caught her getting a snack through the neighbor’s fence. I have become that dog person who is certain I know exactly what she’s thinking.

Beagle love is an undemanding love.

Last week, Heather and I seriously considered creating a Twitter account for Abbie because she simply has so much wisdom to share with our friends, our world. Made sense to us. Austin threatened to disown us if we did, so we haven’t…yet.

If you have not connected with a dog, you are missing out. Add this to your bucket list now! You must do this! You must open your heart and mind to the craziness and of being convinced that you are like-minded with a dog!

There is simply no love like dog love.

So, here’s a blogging side of me that’s off the thought provoking, spiritual, often way too seriously beaten path. Here’s a peek inside something I cherish… the welcoming, unconditional, ever available love from a beagle, Abbie girl!

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