starfish and grace

rest, Trust

starfish wonderA starfish stopped Hayes from his joyous running to and from the tide. Fascinated by this gift of the tide gliding up next to our chair, he stopped and smiled, looking up to say, “It’s pretty. Aunt Lisa.” His sweet face tilted up towards mine, I smiled back thankful for this Grace, this beauty, this exchange.

When I glance towards the sky and then look up again, beckoned by its beauty, that’s Grace.

When I rush back to work and am greeted by a red bird, fluttering softly then landing on the fence post, I slow down and wait, the velvety red color, captivating me…I sit until it flys away, thankful for Grace.

When I notice the scent of honeysuckle, slowing down my power walk to a restful stroll, that’s Grace.

When I call a friend and she lovingly tells me to let things go, that heavy stuff is only heavy because I carry it so long, that’s Grace.

When I pray, and I sense his peace and his best, that’s Grace.

His Grace finds us.

God is everywhere, we just forget to notice.

Lord, help us to be still long enough to notice your ever present glorious Grace. Help us to know you orchestrate our starfish moments as encounters with You, our loving and Gracious Father, saying  “Draw near, Stay near, see the beauty I have for You.”

And so, I walk in the Lord’s presence as I live here on earth. Psalm 116:9

4 thoughts on “starfish and grace

  1. Lisa,
    This is beautiful and what I needed to read today. Thank you! His grace finds us right when we need it…maybe through a starfish or even a beautiful post called Starfish and Grace. Blessings!


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