Miss “Skricklin”…reflections on a first year of love

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Teaching love

Teaching love….lessons from Heather’s first year

Today, a whole bunch of 4K children will arrive excited to play outdoors at the end of the year party. I hear there will be water involved and most of the day will be outdoors. Summer will begin next week and the lessons will be memories and foundations for their future. They have had their first year of school with a first year teacher…a Teacher who taught lessons and love. I am going to miss my daughter’s stories of connections, concern, comedy, and compassion…my daughter, a teacher who loves.

Here are just a few things I know her students learned this year, the things that will assure them of the goodness of teachers:

If you don’t have a mat for naptime, you use a towel and one day when you least expect it, your teacher will call you up to her desk and whisper, “Look, I got you a mat!” and you will know you are important to her.

If you throw up all over your stuff in your cubby and your classmate’s cubby, you might come to school the next day and your teacher will give you a freshly washed bookbag ’cause your teacher took it home, unpacked it, wiped away the grossness and washed it in her washing machine. You will know that a really, horrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow will be bad, your teacher will make sure of that.

If you don’t have very much food at home and you forget your “weekend backpack” your teacher will show up in front of your house and as you open the door you will see your teacher’s smiling face on your porch ’cause she wants to make sure your weekend is good and she will see you on Monday! You will know that even if she can’t be with you on the weekends, she cares.

If there is something you just can’t learn and nobody can figure it out, your teacher will tell you, “You can, let’s try again.” and even if you ask her over and over “Can you help me?” she will help you and tell you each time, “You can do this.” So, you will know “you can learn if you don’t give up.”

Close to 20 children will be kindergarteners next year and will know what to expect from a teacher. They will remember that a teacher has rules and schedules and likes to be listened to; but, most importantly, they will remember that teachers love!

Thankful to be the mother of a teacher who loves and remembers her first year of being loved by a teacher….the framework for her life…for her students!

4 thoughts on “Miss “Skricklin”…reflections on a first year of love

  1. Great story….and I get it. My wife has become what is almost a full-time substitute teacher in the public and private schools, only does 3rd grade and younger and special needs classes. The younger kids are so honest and open. Unfortunately, many come from less than perfect environments…and thats where the good teachers come in. The have to fill in for parents as opposed to supplementing parents. Congratulations on raising two great children.


  2. Oh how I love this so much! I am so excited to see Heather’s beautiful face and to know that she is a teacher. I am sitting her with tears rolling down my face. I pray that she encounters many wonderful children and families just as I did, and that she holds on to that love of teaching even when it gets stressful. Thank you for having Lara send this to me. Please tell Heather that I am still at it! I retired, but work half time as an interventionist, working with kids who need extra help. Tell Heather that I still have the stocking she made for me, and I think about her every Christmas. Love you both so much.


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