by Faith, Lisa

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HEBREWS 11 Stories of Faith

Have you read, seen, or had conversations about faith? What an intangible, mysterious, difficult to comprehend, yet powerful thing is faith!

Last week, while doing my morning thing with Bible, journal and coffee I turned to Hebrews and read. You know the verse…faith is being sure of what we don’t see. Am I the only person who has a hard time with the unseen, the uncontrollable, the “can’t make it right” ? Certainly not…still; I love, hold tight to, depend on this faith concept.

What an amazing book this Holy Bible is. Personally, I think we often miss out on the most important purpose of God’s word the stories of people who believed in Faith, in God, in his Son, Jesus Christ…even when they had not seen Him. Remember I believe “everybody has a story.”

So, last week; I read beyond the verse we all know…the one about the unseen and I read further about people just like me who were brave enough to say… “I don’t know. But, by Faith I will believe I can.”

Here’s what I did. You should too. Take these two little words…By Faith…and follow them with whatever you struggle with, doubt, agonize over, or dream of. This is powerful and it’s really just sort of cut and paste. We all know cut and paste.

Move your mountains…By Faith.

By faith, Lisa believed that God enabled her and will bless her as she uses her story and her love of words for good.

I do love words. “If you have them, use them.” Me




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