Yesterday, I felt redeemed.

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Luke 8:48

Luke 8:48

Yesterday, I listened to the telling of a story from the Book of Luke about a woman shunned, a woman who longed for freedom; peace of mind, peace of heart. Years of carrying the burden of solitude and shame because of her difference, her disgrace. She carried the weight of a condition she most likely felt was a punishment, although she knew no reason. She was unclean, without child and anchored by pain. She was meek, causing no harm, slinking back, avoidance was her way. She kept her gaze low for she knew her appearance was one that met eyes of ugliness and horror. She was unclean.

So, on the day she heard Jesus had been summoned to save the life of a little girl she found her way into the crowd…a crowd so large she might have a chance to blend and to ease unnoticed amongst the onlookers. The masses were captivated, anxious to see this man who had been healing, saving…no one will notice she thought, if I just touch the hem of his garment.

But, Jesus noticed, and surprised her with his turn from his path to touch her back, to heal her…he told her gently, confidently, calmly…”Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” Luke 8:48

So, she did because Jesus felt her timid grasp, her anxious, humble plea, her perceived unworthy effort.

Yesterday, I felt redeemed.

It was a reminder of peace and beauty… a settled, satisfied feeling of where I am in Christ, not where I was.  It was quiet confidence. It was beautiful redemption.


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