teachers everywhere

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So, Atlanta has been interesting…pitched a good game, not a perfect game. A good game with a smile on his face and a confident gum chewing demeanor. How moms measure good is a stark contrast to sons .

Good gameto moms is more strike outs than walks; more outs than hits, more aggressive throws overs to first to get the runner and more shoulders back, head high, swagger and stride in the trot back to the dugout.

We watch for these good things. Good to moms is decidedly different than to a handsome young man, your son, the pitcher who throws a pitch that’s propelled over the fence. Not good moms…that’s bad.

Good is not the loss, regardless of the circumstances or contributing factors aka errors…loss is not good. A win is the only good. How on earth is a mom to respond? Well, the response is no response. Not natural, I know!

Time will pass with no need for what we perceive as encouragement that is really just a futile effort to make “it all better” like the skinned knee or the failed test or even the broken heart…even that we can buffer. But, pitching… moms, we just can’t fix.

So we sit and we anticipate calls. We gauge our son’s posture, smile, his movements and we watch, we spectate, we support. That is all. That is enough.

Count your blessings if you have coaches who are just the right combination of wisdom, boyish rambunctious, and hindsight… This means they remember being where your son is and they teach, they guide, they remind and most importantly they point upwards to God when challenged with “Why?”

Teachers everywhere…

Your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, This is the way, walk in it.  Isaiah 30:21

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