Spreading love


Last week I was hugged by a beautiful, fragile little black lady. She was dressed in a pale green pant suit with a beautiful pin shaped like a daisy on her lapel next to her Holiday Inn name tag. I met her our last day in Atlanta for a crazy, hectic stressful baseball trip. I needed Frosted Flakes.

All the buffet had were mini wheats and bran.

She saw me standing in the middle of the hurried baseball parent crowd and walked over asking, “What in the world is it you need, pretty mama?”

I smiled.

How could I not smile, this angel with a jubilant smile, tilted towards me, hair pulled into a perfect bun? I said, “I wondered if there is more cereal in the back, Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops.”

She smiled, turned confidently on her heels and said  “I’ll be right back!” She came back with Frosted Flakes, three boxes, and said, “Now you go and have a good day.”

I lingered there, in front of her joyous face, then hugged her and said “I love you.” She smiled back, really big…and said. “You be blessed.”  “Thanks.” I said, walking towards the elevator, glancing back to see her watching me go as she whispered, “Keep spreading that love.”

Kindness of kind hearted souls

Grace and love without reservation

Entertained by and entertaining angels…Love.


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