Time for Cake

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Cooking skipped a generation in our family...Heather is a lover of all things cooking. Here's me with key Line Pie!

Cooking skipped a generation in our family…Heather is a lover of all things cooking. Here’s me with a birthday Key Lime Pie!

My mama baked cakes for ladies in the community who either couldn’t or didn’t want to. She always said “Nothing you cook will turn out right if you don’t love cookin.” Good cooks like to cook. Mama was better than a good cook, she was a joyous cook!

 She took orders and women came rushing in the back door every weekend to be rescued by mama’s culinary talents!  They’d  pay her 20 or 30 dollars a cake. Red velvet, teeny tiny chocolate layered cakes, her famous pound (of butter) cake, caramel cake…on and on. But, for me, she made coconut cake, on my birthday.

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about that coconut cake. Fluffy, creamy rich and buttery… coconut cake worthy of enjoying every little crumb by pressing your fork into the saucer to gather the sweetness of the yellowy, creamy cake mixed with coconut tendrils….then slowly cleaning the fork with your tongue. Yes, it was that good and yes, I can almost taste it!

By the way, mama was not a homemaker. In case you envisioned a sweet country woman in a pretty floral apron..not the case.  Mama had a successful, demanding career. Cooking was not her career, it was her joy, and ours!

Hoping for a heavenly slice of coconut cake soon, Send it my way mama!  I miss you and your love.   Maybe Heather’ll make me a pie!

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