Fisherman and Carpenter

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Dan Dan

Dan Dan

My grandfather, “Dan Dan”, was a fisherman and a carpenter. He wore overalls; but, he only buckled one strap. His pants were crooked and I always sort of turned my head sideways to line up with his slant. He had a sideways smile that we now refer to as his “go to Hell” smile. He liked a cigar balanced on this lip and had a penchant for going off into the woods as my grandma yelled at him to get back on time.

He fished more than he worked wood. A big catch meant cleaning with all of the cousins watching as he cursed at us in a fun not scary kinda way, then looked up and smiled that rascal smile and watched us scatter as he randomly tossed fish guts to shoo us off.

Most everyone loved him just to experience his swagger and his stories…dogs and children too, they followed Him. He was a fisherman and a carpenter. Maybe that’s why.

Lover of people. Truth teller without judgement.

My grandfather is sort of legendary.

2 thoughts on “Fisherman and Carpenter

  1. Beautiful memory , your description brings life to a place in my heart that longs to connect to those childhood days with family. You are such a gifted treasure . Thank you for being you for sharing your heart .


  2. Funny….my grandfather was a carpenter and his brother in law was a fisherman…together, they were like Dan Dan, but probably raised a little more hell than he did…they were tough, drinking guys…but around me, they were almost always perfect gentlemen while I was a young boy. I miss them too.


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