Freeze Frame

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Ivy, Abbie, Tybee

Ivy, Abbie, Tybee

Thinking back to the sweet days of a skinny, silly, long legged girl, her cool grown-up cousin named Heather and Austin, a cousin with a cute friend named Alex…the days of a trip to Tybee for my birthday…family and us, my sister and I navigating the growing up of our babies.

Okay, so Austin’s a Senior, Heather’s a second year teacher and grad school student and pretty little Ivy Grace begins high school. Hayes is handsome now, young-mannish looking. How on earth has this caught me by surprise?

If it were possible to slow lifedown a bit…revisit a frame frozen…I’d take us back to Tybee for my 50th…randomness and silly joy on the beach as Ivy flitted about, legs “pony-esque” as we bathed in the sun dodging birds and darting to and fro in the sand!  Austin and his friend looking all handsome for the girls, while Heather languished in the sun…and Ivy, and me laughing with silly joy, simply infectious joy!

Oh, the beautiful presence of a not quite young woman who is still okay with cuddling up next to a beagle and hangin’ out with crazy Aunt Lisa!

Love me some Ivy Grace and homesick for Georgia. Home soon to bemoan the growing up of our children with my sister, Cindy.















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