Demonstrating love

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Small things

Small things

I made Heather’s bed after she left for the day.  I cleared the football weekend,  tornado-strewn floor of clothes and various accessories and tucked her quilts tightly and just so.

I stood back and looked, turned to walk away then decided to leave a love note on her pillow.

Then I straightened Austin’s room and chose to let him be lazy, have his space. I stopped myself from repeatedly asking “What you doing today?” Which, in mama speak is “why you being so lazy?”

I continued with the laundry and let him disengage after an intense baseball weekend. I have questions to ask, but I let them wait.

Not pushing, prodding, whining or complaining…just me doing what they could be doing for themselves just because.

I am sure there are critics of my approach. Some call it enabling, spoiling, crazy…I call it demonstrating love. All the love I can, for the empty best is looming and I will have vacant spotlessly clean rooms and couches with no long,lazy legs sprawled over them.

Small things with great love

Love never fails. It binds us together… bond a mama only knows

Over all other virtues, put on love which binds us together in unity. Colossians 3:14

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