graceful thoughts


2014-09-10 15.38.00This morning, I woke up renewed. I cannot say why…my mind was just open to good, to God.

All the struggles, the questions, the disappointments were shifting towards clarity. Acceptance of my now and belief in the good to come…come what may.

My thoughts, in the quiet of the morning were towards acceptance.

In my morning time, moving past the understandable outcomes, not expected,  I began to accept things will be different than I anticipated…

That friends may not be friends, just people in a place in common with me. Just passing conversations and connections that took a turn away…a different path than mine when life altered our “things in common”

That people are unfortunately looking for their best for their glory and it’s okay that they are not traveling alongside me.

And then,  when said friends regret our distance, it is grace that compels me to listen, to engage in their  “coming to terms” with our friendship…and to forgive, to extend grace.

And to be stronger and wiser and without remorse…because by the time forgiveness and relieving of tensions was asked for and given, I had already moved past sadness, and remorse.

So, grace comes easy to the ones who hurt us…because grace, mercy, and love have come to us. It is easily given…no strings, just given, just Jesus-like grace. It’s the “love one another, forgive as I forgave grace.”

It’s effortless.

It’s without reason or rationale.

Grace doesn’t dwell on hurts.

 Accept apologies when they catch you by surprise.

Especially when they surprise you.

GRACE I have been given GRACE I give.

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