31days of looking for good

Grey day good

Grey day good

So, my  very favorite Dr. Seuss book is My Many Colored Days…a book about emotions. Yes, I think about emotions, feelings, I notice expressions. I sometimes get stuck in the funk of sad stuff. I am embarking on a challenge that is something I keep coming back to, God is good and has good for us. I will blog for 31 days about this thing I can’t let go, this reassurance, this conviction. God is good.

Grey day, happy, sunny, yellow day, bright red, angry day… I’m gonna be looking for the good. It’s timely for me to look for good. It’s an intervention of sorts.

Goodness today: I woke well-rested and placed worries and anxieties aside because after pouring out my heart to a friend, I know she prayed. And then,I prayed and I slept and on my way to work recalled, my friend always calls just when I’m about to cave. She calls and she listens and says, “You don’t sound good.” I say, “I’m better now.”

God is good and has good for us.

Count on it.

Look for it.

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