Day 3: Good words: God-given,God shared

Faith, rest, Trust
more boldly, more clearly

more boldly, more clearly

Day three of this new, expanding my horizons writing/ linking/ blogging exercise and I woke feeling slightly illiterate in the blogger world. My writing for the past year or so had become a joyous spilling of my soul that was so,so special. Unlike journals scattered all over my house, it felt like a step forward, a tangible and beautiful gift to myself. So, I was thankful to be brave about my writing. It was good for me.

But, this morning to write felt like a “measuring up/attention seeking activity”. I have noticed when I write this way, it’s insincere and nobody may ever know; but, it’s not the work of my heart and soul. We all do it, this attention seeking thing. It’s easy to get sucked into.

I almost gave up; but, then decided, “Hey it’s not really about being one of hundreds who are writing during and having my entries pop up for my blogger companions to see…it’s about that conviction that writing is a God-planted thing, a “don’t want to give this up because it feels God-given good“. 

So, I open my devotional to Day Three and I find pencil notes from this date in 2013.

They resonate even more clearly, so I outline the words more clearly, more boldly.

“Cease striving, if it feels like struggle, it’s not for you to handle, it’s for God.”

So, I will continue the 31 Days of Writing: Looking for Good, for exercise in striving less, being more still and letting God determine the eyes that find my words.

Day 4:  not sure…I’ll be waiting to see good, God-given good. Not sure if it will pop up on my linky thing. Still, I write.

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