Day 5: looking for good -old songs

Dirt road ridin'

Dirt road ridin’

Simple Sunday, sort of melancholy for family the way it used to be and a revisiting of a time in a big old house of twenty-something year old girls, free as birds in a tiny country town. Walking for the sake of  “staying active” and feeling just as old…I was listening to random Pandora music, unsatisfied by the feel, the mood.

When just like that I hear the velvet rasp and sweet take me back there words of James Taylor:  “You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am I’ll come runnin’…Winter, Spring, Summer or  Fall, all you gotta do is call. And I’ll be there, yes I will, you got a friend.” 

I stopped where I was, my heart filled with smiles and listened, head turned up towards the bluest of blue Fall sky.

I was back in the country, girls riding around on a Sunday afternoon, singing and living life in the moment…me and Mel, the friend of who taught me to live fearlessly, wholeheartedly and with no reservation. 

Going back to Georgia in my mind. 

A song and a time, at just the right time to remind me, I’ve got a friend.

God is good. Friends close in heart though separated by time and distance are good.

Looking and listening for good.

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