Day 7: Looking for good – good enough

Faith, Trust


  I am blown away by the number of people who blog.  Seriously, so many blogs!

Really good-looking blogs all sleek and shiny. Their layouts and their posts, polished and relevant. Normally, this would be the time for me to slip back and say, “Oh, no way I can’t compete, this wasn’t for me”.

I do not like competition. Nor do I care for accolades.  I like being me and resting in that.

Competition and comparison take me back to my fat little girl days.

Lined up next up to an array of blogs was beginning to feel like comparing outfits in middle school and hearing “yours looks homemade!”

So, I was thinking today, “Does my blog matter, am I embarrassing myself?”

Maybe I need to focus on a topic of value.

I could blog about a variety of more relevant subjects. Write about things besides my faith and my stories and observations of life and lesson.

I could tell all about the non-profit world of mental health, how to write a grant, how to run a homeless program, and how to listen to a parent who lost a child to suicide. I could recall working in the field of child abuse and I could tell you some stories about families I met and I could tell you even more about my opinions of our flawed child welfare system.

I wondered, would that make a better blogger? Would my stats graph climb higher? Or, maybe if I were more savvy and understood all the widgets and configurations…maybe then I would join the ranks of really good bloggers.

But, that’s not my “quiet confidence, story-teller way of doing things, not my heart.

My blog matters to me even if I only have a few readers. It is a joyous experience for me. An experience that’s a step towards my memoir, something I feel is a God-planted, a prayerful goal. My blog is a commentary for good…for God.  It’s my sharing of the good that’s come my way through God and of  what good will come.

Like a blank canvas in a sunny room.  It is tranquil.

Like brush strokes blending peaceful colors, it flows. It is not toil.

It is good…God-given good.

It is enough…more than enough.

9 thoughts on “Day 7: Looking for good – good enough

  1. This is possibly the most confident and calming post I’ve read in my entire life. I’m sure all of us bloggers feel like this sometimes, so I think it’s great that you shared your “quiet confidence” (it’s amazing how well you live up to your blog name) with all of us, especially during this borderline stressful time. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. I got really overwhelmed the first night, reading through so many blogs. Sometimes it feels like the whole world writes, so why should they read what I write? It’s a real struggle sometimes to just keep coming back to the blank canvas. But like you, I started my blog on a journey toward a memoir. Over the last three years it’s been so helpful to keep in mind that my goal isn’t to have an amazing blog, it’s to practice writing and have conversations with people who care about what I write about. And it’s been a good place to test the waters — what I feel comfortable sharing, what’s too hard to put in writing just yet, what’s worth it and what’s not. I just followed you on WordPress and look forward to catching up on your blog. It may take me a while, since this is such a writing heavy month, but I think you and I have LOTS of similar interests and overlapping experiences. Thank you for adding your comment and link to my post today on 31 Dayers. So glad you did!!


    1. Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I scanned through your blog this morning. You are so right, we have of similar experiences and perspectives. So happy to connect!


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