Day 9: looking for good – priorities and patience

Children, Motherhood, rest, Trust


There was a Day 8, it was yesterday.

I compiled a set of sentences about a verse in Ecclesiastes reminding me that God’s timing is good, in fact it is perfect. (Ecc. 3:11) My post was brief. It conveyed the value of waiting for God’s best instead of agonizing over the future.

It was a timely blog, because my son and I had visited a college in an effort to choose his next four years. The day had us both worn out. Maybe, we were both rushing ahead of God. By the time I was ready to publish my post, I had decided to take a break from the college talk. I was told to “chill out.”

Sounded good to me.

I could use a break.

All this talk of college and empty nest, of pressure and schools and leaving home had almost erupted earlier anyway. Just a little thing almost made me react uncharacteristically to be that mama who rants about all I’ve done. Not sure what’s more exhausting, thinking about the empty nest or pretending I’ll be okay.

We made it home from the college visit without too much of me “asking too many questions” and we were still good, me seeing him off to workouts with an audible “Love you too”  reply.

Something happened when I posted and I ended with a post and a link so I needed to trash one and then there was nothing left but a link that made no sense to me.

Panic ensued, fix this quick before someone sees it!

I was struggling with correcting this link error when my daughter came in plopped down on the couch. My daughter, the amazing teacher who tells me the sweetest stories of her students, a grad student at night. She is determined; but, exhausted last night.  She was more than tired, though, she needed an ear. I saw it on her face.

She had a friend who needed to cry earlier so she had listened. She wanted to tell me this story. I half-heartedly listened for a few minutes and caught my self. I know she did too. We do not like to be not “pretend”listened to.

I set the computer aside, turned to face her, listening to more of the story. Then, we both said “Love you, good night” and went to bed.


So, never mind about Day 8, I had bigger priorities than fixing a post, skipping a Challenge Day.

Because Day 8’s verse was so good it is Day 9’s:

He has made everything beautiful in His time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

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