Day 11: looking for good, not best

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Spur of the moment trip Labor Day '99

Spur of the moment trip Labor Day ’99

Yesterday, I skimmed through an article about parents and the pressure for our children to best. Essentially, the writer expressed that we start out wanting what’s best for our children and before we know it’s a striving, anxious effort for them to be the best.

When I think about the things that have been best for my children, I think of the best of times, of experiences, of opportunities to let God shine through them. I don’t really think about their “shining moments” I think about the times of simply them being them.

Aren’t we all at our best when our efforts are effortless, from the heart, natural, uncalculated, unplanned?

I think about  this Labor Day trip to the beach, my first as a single parent with nothing but enough gas to make it to Tybee Island and some sandwiches.

I think about just last week when Heather and I squeezed onto the couch together watching HGTV.

I think about Austin fishing with his grandma and Heather climbing the big magnolia in her yard.

I think about Austin playing his guitar and Heather singing along with Praise music on Sunday morning.

I think about their character, being told by an admiring 9th grader when he discovers I’m Austin’s mom, “He is the nicest person on the team. He is always nice to me.”

I think about Heather’s face when she talks about her students, especially the boys and how she wants them to grow up and be strong men.

I think about the evidence of good in my babies, now grown and I remind them, God is good.

I remind myself, he has designed their unique best, His plan.

Not Mine.

I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go. Isaiah 48:17

One thought on “Day 11: looking for good, not best

  1. Love this post. You are right that often in this day and age there is intense pressure on kids, given directly from their parents, to be the best. I saw it with my neighbor, when she told me she worried about her second grader getting into college. I saw it with one of my daughter’s friends when she discovered her parents were disappointed in her SAT scores and that they wanted her to study harder for the next time. I see it at sporting events all the time. So many of us forget about the importance of character, of being average but happy (what’s wrong with average anyway?), of being a follower of Christ over all else. I pray we can all remember to put our trust in God and his plans for us and for our children.

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