Day 12: looking for good- acceptance and change

Faith, rest


Change of season

A fallen leaf,once vibrant green, now an ochre shade of autumn found its way mingled with the brights of summer.

Grace and acceptance welcomed it there.

The first sharp chill of Fall, I shiver, tense, my arms crossed for warmth,  thrown into the change.

I adjust, I accept, but I’m still reluctant and reminiscent about seashells,fireworks and sunshine.

We are at the mercy of the seasons, we moan. Our days are intermittently Summer and Fall in the South as if God in His sovereign grace is saying “Okay, I can see you were not quite ready, I’ll give you a little more time to accept this change.”

And then, like the crusted leaf amongst the pink we find ourselves lounging in backyards, immersed in novel or play and we, eyes closed, become passionate about the wind’s clean, clear freshness against our faces.

Grace and acceptance. We welcome change.

God is good. He has good for us. He understands our stubborn hearts afraid of change, resistant to change.

He is grace, mercy, love and mostly patience. In time, we welcome change.

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