Day 20: looking for good – enlightenment

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Admitting to vulnerability

Admitting to vulnerability

This morning I learned something new, a different perspective.  I was enlightened by the wisdom of a young lady. A college student, brilliant and beautiful, Marissa.

I remember first meeting her. She was a middle school student, very tall, very thin and we met at our little country church, far from her home. She was beginning her journey in a blended family.

She had been displaced yet made the best of it. Resilient and intelligent, she succeeded at a country high school where Future Farmers of America was the club of choice. She graduated with honors and now attends one of the best Universities in our State.

Scrolling through Facebook this morning,  I see she has shared a TED talk. I typically continue scrolling. Something about her sharing though made it feel significant.

Intrigued, I watched and was enlightened in a perfectly appropriate way for me for this time. For my struggle of late.

I love when God does this!

My enlightenment? The more vulnerable I am, the stronger I am. Vulnerable people are courageous. 

Courageous about being imperfect, about being compassionate without reciprocation, about believing I am worthy of love.

Vulnerability is about connections that aren’t tainted by shame and fear.

Shame and fear perpetuate unworthy.

Thank you, M for being boldly vulnerable!

Thank you, Brene’ Brown! Your wisdom, timely.

2 thoughts on “Day 20: looking for good – enlightenment

  1. Thank you! I’m a beneficiary of your reminder…vulnerable is courageous! Yes, indeed!! “Doing it scared!” That’s my motto…doing it scared….makes me brave! =) Thanks for that….


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