Day 25: looking for good – these girls, this bond

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h and m

h and m

Looking through boxes of old photos this morning for my son’s Senior yearbook, I kept going back to the ones of these two.

Their faces, studies in strength; feisty with just enough fun and fearlessness. Always leaning in, holding each other close. Every single shot, same thing, stuck like glue.

An outdoor concert with a boy band, holding hands in one photo, squealing, arms over their heads in another, barefoot on a summer night in Georgia

Two girls with curled hair in scratchy dresses on Easter

Another wrestling beagles, rolling in the grass

Perched high up a pine tree on a blue sky day

Skinny dippin’ in grandma’s pool with watermelon bellies

Taking grandma’s car through the soybean field and doing donuts round and round

Growing up, missing grandma, one holding the other

Holding tight, staying close

Two young women, bodies and smiles synched in pose, poised, confident and no reservations

Strong, loud, opinionated, determined, and honest.

Beautiful, smart, and brave

Have each other’s heart…each others back

That’s what friends (and cousins) are for. Late, long phone calls, laughing, crying, listening…loving.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume. Proverbs 27:9

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