Day 27: looking for good – easy on myself

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Not so serious side.  "Does this artwork make my butt look big.?"

Not so serious side.
“Does this artwork make my butt look big?”



Last night, after a long day, I chose to skip writing. At choir practice, my friend Melissa told me  “You are such an encourager, they should put you in pill form.” I thought, “Well, there’s something to blog about, what people think of me.”

I felt good about the choice not to force a blog post last night..not to give in to pressure.

Nothing good comes by force.

I don’t give in to pressured requests, self-imposed or otherwise as often as before. I give myself more breaks, surprise people when I don’t have all the answers. I laugh more than people expect, always more and when least expected.

There’s a phrase I use quite often. I’ve shared it with women like myself who often are asked to do things, because we just do things so well.

I have learned to say, confidently, head tilted with a smile. “I will not over-commit to under-serve.”  You’d be amazed at the responses.  Most people are surprised when I speak my mind, writing is one thing, confidently asserting myself in spoken word is rare.

People are either in disbelief that I said “No, not now”  or they are so thrilled to have a valid reason to say “No”  themselves that they’re just standing there thinking, “Wow, when can I say this?”

Another recent realization, multi-tasking is not a superpower!

It is not something to aspire to, nor does it make me superior to others in my family because I do it so well…at least until I fall into my chair at home and want no one to talk to me.

Last week, I sent my son a text advising him of family plans.

Apparently my abbreviations made no sense. He, in his handsomely sarcastic way, replied “Why don’t you use your writing skills and intelligence in your texts?”

So, I replied that I am very busy, have a project due and someone with me now in my office, yet I stopped to reply to your text, adding   “BTW, did you know that multi-tasking shrinks your brain?”

His reply, (why did I not see this coming?)

“Well , maybe you should stop multi-tasking right now!”

So, I thought, maybe writing 31 days has made writing a demand, not a joy. I felt my writing on the verge of flat.

Maybe, the pressure to link up, share, group blog, group post is too much.

Maybe I am “over-blogging” to “under-write.”

“It’s not that serious, Lisa. Take a break.”

This morning, my mind refreshed I found, a story building

Words, again relevant.

Quietly confident

Sharing tomorrow, my strength following a time of returning and resting. (Isaiah 30:15)

One thought on “Day 27: looking for good – easy on myself

  1. What a great quote! I want to use it. . . providing I can remember it when the perfect time comes. Love that picture and the answer is “no”. That statue definitely does not make your butt look big! Tell your son that what really creates brain shrinkage is all the years we spent raising children! 😉


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