10151288849091203_kindlephoto-3632244We’re getting away today, my daughter and I.

A little place near the Blue Ridge mountains, just an overnight, wish it could be more, but going with the flow.

Connect with God, laugh, talk, eat, shop, hike a short little hike maybe then dinner, movie in our tiny little cabin warmed by a fire.

Almost changed my mind, so much to do at home, not worth it for one day. Other things in need of my dollars, Christmas soon, I need new clothes.

College for Austin looming. Same old Saturday, laundry, groceries, the habitual mundane, moaning as I go.

But we’re leaving. Not far, just different. Sight unseen, tiny little mountain town.

Hills, autumn leaves, antiques, art, big bathtub and fireplace.

Bags packed, loosely planned, leaving this morning…for a “mommy trip” with my daughter, Heather Analise.

One thought on “Day 31: looking for good – refresh my path

  1. You’re making the right choice. Years from now you won’t remember the things you needed to do, but you’ll have memories of this time with your daughter. Hope you have a delightful time!


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