When you’re happy and you know it

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We sing, God sings

We sing, God sings

My degree is in Psychology. It started as Art.

Detours of my own making and a need, I think to make sense of my sorrows, my sidetracks and my childhood guilted me into Psychology.  A traumatized, self-destructive,  “adult child lost and alone heal thyself”.

I know a couple of young women who are telling me they want to major in Psychology. I know a little about one and quite a bit about the other. They admire my work with the homeless, with suicide prevention, and with those isolated by mental illness.

I care deeply about my work; but, I’m happiest out walking, with a book, writing or excitedly blending paints onto canvas.

Today, I had the chance to tell one of these young women about the most important choice of life’s work or career.

The choice to have the courage to do the happy thing…the thing that fulfills, that pulls you back in like a welcome back home embrace.

That’s the work of your heart, the God design for you.

I reminded her where she felt happiest because I have seen her there.  She told me again of her dream career…that thing she daydreams about thinking, “If I could do this one day…this is what I want to do one day.”

And as she describes her imaginings, eyes bright, smile peaceful, I say  “That’s exactly the thing you should do.”

Because, that is the thing God knows you should do, he created you to do.

So, what derails, hinders, handicaps, causes us to choose the easier, most predictable path?

We settle for fear that our dream is too big. We quiet our heart and hear everyone else. Do the expected thing.

Not Believing Good Things can happen for you is the smallest, yet biggest determinant in your goals, your dreams.

God smiles when we smile. He rejoices over us with singing.

I hear God singing more these days.

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