Mommy not Mama

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2014-12-03 14.17.31

Last night, my daughter was exhausted and cold.

Wrapped tightly in a quilt and settled in on the couch, she asked me to wake her before going to bed.

“Okay” I said, thinking  “It’s really late.”

She needed to finish something so it was important I wake her up, she said.

The “something” I discovered was two loads of laundry…her 4K students’ covers for nap time.

Princess covers, gingham checks, Batman, Tranformers and fluffy, daisy colors

 There had been a “bug” going around, she said.  “My babies need clean covers.”

I let her sleep while I folded.

Warm and sweet-smelling from the dryer, then with  sentimental bittersweetness, took my time stacking fleecy fabric into the container next to her door for early morning ease.

I lightly roused her from sleep. Told her, “Good night, I love you.”

Then I fell asleep, thinking “There’s no better feeling than waking a sleeping child and being met by a tender smile and wobbly legs finding their way towards bed.”

That’s Mommy, not mama.

Mommy moments like this have no expiration date or age limit…timeless love.

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