Waiting Expectantly

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Expecting Jesus

Expecting Jesus


I have a friend who reminds me constantly of the promises of God.  She is firm in her belief and doesn’t tire of my being doubtful or anxious whining in the “waiting to see” period. Even the tone in her voice is laid back, no worries as she says, “Trust the process.”


“Well, Lisa” she says, “you know it’s God’s plan, not ours.”

She always calls back and even calls to say “Something told me you needed to talk.”


Her advice and encouragement,  consistent and unwavering.

Has she seen something, peeked through a crack in God’s door, discovering what I can’t see?


In the Book of Luke,  Mary is young, afraid and dismayed over being the chosen one of God to give birth to our Lord and Savior.


Mary, perplexed inquires of the angel,  “How will this be since I am a virgin?” 

The angel reminds Mary of the power of the Holy Spirit and tells her of the miracle of the long-barren Elizabeth being with child.


Surely, this revelation would confirm for Mary that nothing is impossible with God. Mary then answers, “I am the Lord’s servant, May it be as you have said.”  


Humble and obedient, yet still, I believe, a little uncertain.


She leaves and hurries to Elizabeth’s home.
For reassurance, a listening ear, an embrace of acceptance.  A place of love, of one who does not tire of questions,  doubts,  despair, insecurities and beliefs of not being able

At the sound of Mary’s voice, the unborn child, John the Baptist “leaps in Elizabeth’s womb”.

 I picture Elizabeth, overcome with joyous emotion, excited and happy to tell Mary how blessed she is among women, speaking clearly her confident assurance to Mary.


“Blessed is she who has believed what the Lord has said will be accomplished!”  Luke 1:45

Mary, then believing God’s plan,  sings her song of glorious rejoicing in God, her Savior and then, uplifted and confident, leaves Elizabeth’s house, convinced of the goodness of God.

She is expecting Jesus.

Do you have an Elizabeth in your life?  A friend who reminds steadfastly of the goodness of God, of his timing, his process?


A friend who is certain of God’s plan?


A friend like Elizabeth who removed all doubt from Mary as she wondered if God chose her by mistake, saying as my friend often reminds, “God doesn’t make mistakes.” ?

Wait expectantly for Jesus. For His revealing, His time, His good.


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