Finding my key

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I was happy to make it to choir practice on Sunday.

I find my key by sitting next to a soprano because I still can’t be sure if I’m alto or soprano. So, I ease closer to the soprano with a beautiful, clear tone and find my key.

Next Sunday, I get the chance to sing a song that my voice finds it’s “sweet spot” in.  I love the song and the story behind it.

“Blessings”, written by Laura Story, as she and her husband navigated unexpected, serious medical crisis and recovery.

It’s an emotional song with verses I could carry off…not really as a vocal performance; but, simply a rhythmic sharing of lyrics imploring us to trust God’s plan.

His best in midst of trying times, of despair, disappointment, disillusionment

On the drive home I replayed the track over and over.

Practicing, embracing the words,  seeking to relate more significantly…preparing to convey its message next Sunday.

I thought of saying no to the request to sing because of a rough spot, two little lines that go from low to high.

My voice is a radio/shower/blend in voice.

Quiet and subtle. Not powerful.

I have to find my key, I kept practicing the couple of lines that jump from one to another key…a high one.

I sang the words…flat first, then screechy, strained.

Okay try again.

Maybe, I thought, if I just really and truly understood the meaning of the words?

Maybe I’m not “feeling it”.  Maybe I’m trying too hard. Maybe it’s not real to me.

So, I prayed “Lord, make this song real to me. Help, me to hear the message, the blessing, the key for me.”

And I just listened, heard.

And then, I sang in my key, from my heart.

Because, I understood.

“What if my greatest disappointments, or the aching of this life, is a revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy?”

Laura Story


Every yearning, every expectation, each and every pretty little plan that has not come to fruition…has distressed, disappointed.

A return to salvation.

In returning and rest is your salvation. In quiet confidence is your strength.  Isaiah 30:15

Nothing of this world or in this world is capable of the thirst-quenching satisfaction of a closer walk, a consistent walk.

Dissatisfied?  That’s God’s intent, His design. His reminder that this world can’t satisfy.

Draw near, Stay near…find rest for your soul and the key for your song.


5 thoughts on “Finding my key

  1. One of my favorite songs!! Beautiful reflection on trying one more time…after praying and receiving from a place of understanding.
    Thank you for refreshing me, as my husband and I travel through some rocky places on our journey! Bless you with singing out of great JOY,


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