let’s keep prayin’

Faith, Prayer, Teaching, Vulnerability
This is why we pray.

This is why we pray.

Every January I hear from Juanita.  Last year, she wrote and mailed a Thank You card.  She thanked us for Christmas presents and thanked God for us.

She signs up for our Christmas party, but doesn’t usually attend.

She has a mental health diagnosis.

Crowds, unknowns, expectations to be social are scary.

She’s better with her day to day sameness.

This week, Juanita called.  I answered, “Mental Health America of Aiken…” and I heard.

“This is Juanita. I wanted you to know that when I said my prayers, I thanked God for you and for my Christmas presents.”

I said, “Thank you for calling to tell me that, Juanita and I’m glad you liked your presents.”

” I sure did, she said.”

I imagined her opening her gifts, a housecoat, socks, Dove soap, other essentials.

I remember her wishlist included a pocketbook and I pictured her reorganizing all her things, a lipstick, little notepad, various papers, maybe one of those little coin things you squeeze to open.  I smiled as I thought of her getting it “just so” and then setting it down for her chance to go to town.

Juanita is a sweet, gentle spirit.

A gracious Southern lady.

We continued our little talk with, ” Miss Lisa, my psychiatrist asked me, “Why do you pray? ” and I told her, Because prayer changes things. Miss Lisa, prayer changes things. Keep on prayin’.”

I answered,  “Yes it does, let’s keep on prayin’. Thanks for calling, Juanita.”

“You’re very welcome” she said.

When I pray, you answer me.

You encourage me, giving me the strength I need.

 Psalm 138: 3


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