A Quoteworthy friend – there for them always

Timeless, little brother, big sister

Timeless, little brother, big sister

Is there a price tag on the value of seeing smiles on the faces of our children?

I can’t fathom the worth.

Nor can a very good and wise friend who loved his little boy and loves his adult son with no limits, no accounting of financial investment or sacrifice.

My friend is true and kind and quoteworthy.

His words are timely and were seen through all of sudden tear-filled eyes.

I love my children. He loves his son. No record of Debt, unconditionally, honored to give, a demonstration of love.

On a Saturday morning, I check my email and a wisdom-filled friend takes time from his Saturday to say:

“It’s not just money.  Everything you give a child unconditionally, every ounce of support, assures him or her that you love them. And when they are 32 years old, and you tell them that even though you don’t know all that is going on in their lives at that moment, 
you are there for them always……you can get a text back saying, “I knew that all along.”

Kind words from a friend are like honey. Proverbs 16:24



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