life unfolding and making sense

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Confident of seeing the good God has for me

Confident of seeing the good God has for me


Life unfolds in a way that makes sense now.

God’s word not archaic or foreign anymore…not far away words from a far away time.

Paths cross. Brave and blessed believers now grace my path in ways that make absolute sense.

Because of God.

Only because of God.

Words in the form of praise or plea are sweetly stored and recalled at right time, right place.

Scripture, ancient Biblical struggles and victories are relevant, relatable.

Sometimes,  recited as reminders by the right person.

How can it be that God would orchestrate my day so intentionally?

A quick stop at Food Lion midday, normally at the end day.

A familiar face turns from her work and smiling says ” How are you?”

The conversation turns to Jesus and I’m enlightened and amazed as she says, “Let’s walk up here.”

I listen as she excited tells me about how much God loves me.

Tucked away in the corner of the produce section

“God is unfolding His glorious plan for your life and the closer you get to him, on your knees, in His word…the clearer you will see.”

“You are worthy and you are valued. You are precious in God’s eyes.” She continued.

“You are distracted and worried. God sees that.  He sees you standing strong in the midst of the chaos, like the wheat amongst chaff.”

Is it odd to talk about Jesus in the produce section with the Food Lion manager who stops by with donations?

Even more odd to listen as she speaks from God’s word of how the wheat would be separated from the worthless chaff?

That the wheat will stand strong and firm as the worthless chaff falls away?

Being wheat was something I knew I wanted to be to God. Years ago read of wheat and chaff and knew then I want to be wheat.

Not chaff, not worthless.

Valued by God, worthy. Standing strong.

So, it was not odd at all that for this time …God is Sovereign over us, after all…all of us.

“Praise Jesus, she says, Lisa…you are wheat!”

And we hugged, long and sweet and real.

My prayer has been for clarity

For God to make me more observant.

To pay attention to those who know Him, counselors so to speak.

And I have.

Thank you God for teaching me to notice, to listen, to embrace.




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