Blog post # 163: Lisa-isms

courage, Faith, Motherhood, Prayer, Teaching, Trust, Vulnerability

This one, 1 of  “Oh my goodness,  163 blogs?” I’ve written  is really just for recording purposes,  nothing else. Maybe even for fun, a lighter commentary.

Even Abbie wants to know.

Even Abbie wants to know.

Not to see myself as any type expert or holder of unique wisdom, just because life becomes more clear when you’re approaching double nickels.

Another honest, surprisingly so grouping of words, my truth(s)

A place called Quiet Confidence, my place to simply write.

Nothing outlandishly famous, just me.

Posting, publishing for a few who might enjoy, might be curious, might find me odd.

A place of a blending of what my mama told me,  life taught me,  and what keeps proving to be the truth of my heart, spoken through my Bible and in my prayers.

The place of where God is saying,

“Stay here, you’re starting to get it, Lisa. I knew you’d stay longer this time. I knew you’d finally see yourself the way I do. Stay here, Lisa, there’s good here, for you and through you.”

So, Happy early Birthday, to me.  “Tell us how you feel, Lisa!”

  • People are people. God is God.
  • If someone asks you repeatedly if “you’re mad at them”, you probably are and they know it. You’ve just chosen the high road of overlooking their offense.
  • Nothing good comes by force…nothing. No thing!
  • Everyone comes to or returns to God through their own door.  Share your map, point the way, hold the door, they will enter.
  • If you mess up, say so. Repentance is a mighty powerful testimony.
  • Read your Bible…read it now before someone forbids its reading.
  • Call your mama. Call your daddy. I wish I could.
  • Pray without a script. Talk to God. 
  • Write notes and mail them. 
  • Drop what you’re doing, whatever you’re doing, to be with your child if you are asked.
  • Do things for your children they should by now on their own. Things like writing initials on socks pre-college to do’s or fixing a snack when the request is “fix me a surprise treat” because that’s what she liked when she was little.
  • Never ask a question you already know the answer to. That’s fishing for info and you’re either afraid or just plain nosy.
  • Ask God to show you “What you need to know and when and what to say if there is stuff to be said.”
  • Understand that your children are different and have many differences as they mature. Love both, defend neither, advocate equally. (Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly. Be a peacemaker, they’re blessed.)
  • If someone says they are your friend, but you feel worse after being with or talking to them, depleted and defeated, made to feel less than…they are not your friend. 
  • If the song played at your wedding randomly comes on the radio, stop what you’re doing and embrace your sweaty husband sitting by the pool (Yes, Edwin McCain, “Could not Ask for More” just came on between an odd mix of  “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and “Your Lips Taste like Sangria ” 🙂 )
  • The best plans turn out to be the ones not made. (Thank you, Diana)
  • Do not put the confidence in others that should be in God. 
  • Pray before sleep. Pray before coffee. Pray before everything.
  • Every choice should be based on, “Will this keep me walking with God or will I be walking with something, someone else?”
  • Robert Frost was right about the roads. Experience the difference of the rarely taken road. 
  • Return to your roots. Walk the place of your rearing. For me, that’s tall pines, blue skies, dirt roads, birds singing, creek running.
  • Write because it nourishes your soul.

To be continued, most likely, God willing.

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