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If I could, I’d slow things down a little. At the same time, I’d hurry them, too.  I’d have the path smooth and the transition complete. My son would have the crossed the bridge, navigated challenging waters and safely made it to Sophomore year, strong footing ashore.

I’d be watching my daughter entering the chapel down a white petal strewn aisle. I anticipate a feeling I can’t quite know. Joy, grace, beautiful graced gift from God. I’d have seen her exit reception filled giddiness to begin her married life.

My purposeful and insightful heart would be at rest.

The deep waters of change would be familiar, even serene.

Two life changes sitting impatiently in my heart. About to burst from the emotion of change, accomplishment and dream come true.


I’ve been thinking quite a lot. I’ve noticed the way my heart has responded to what good is coming.

I’ve embraced the journey.

I’ve become insightful, listened to stories, have had more of my own.

Then, I considered a Facebook hiatus.  Two reasons.

There is a whole lot of trash and trashy there.  There’s quite a bit of debate, incited and enticed.  There’s a whole lot of visual of the horrible.  It’s a challenge to look away. It’s hard to see clearly what’s true or what’s spectacular.

Second reason, just because I might be a tad too brave, too vulnerable, too honest in my writing. I write bravely, honestly and openly. It’s clear my Quiet Confidence is not Facebook appropriate.

FB, after all is really just attention seeking a like.

My words interest some, impact some, cause some to wonder. I write what others feel, but are afraid to say. IMG_20140915_080505

I’ll still write. Just not share so much. I’ll update my blog site, it needs more polish anyway, add a Follow button for readers. I’ll still have the address on FB for those who “get me”.

I’ll still post my scripture, daily; but not the long and personal stories of my journey of faith, of fear, of joyful answered prayers. People on my path and their stories becoming my story are my heart, my purpose. So, this will be content for the blog.

These things are honestly too real for attention grabbing and seeking  audience of Facebook.

And it will be ok.

I noticed last week that I had been replying to emails with “ok”.

I thought, “Lisa, you should probably at least type the word out, capitalize the “O”, add a period or a smiley face at the end.

But, I didn’t. I was annoyed, stressed and pushed for time.

Please not one more question, request, requirement!  Work on top of life journeys found me saying




Patience, Lisa. One thing at a time. One more day, one more thing.

Slow down, time. Hurry up, let me get through this!

I’m sitting in my sister’s den. It’s quiet. I have good coffee and I’ve had some good quiet. It’s raining now.

Rumbling thunder.

The dogs have come in. My nephew is napping. My son came along for the babysitting vacation and we played Scrabble last night.

My niece is beautiful and kind with the glow of confidence.

My daughter is home with the dogs and the engagement party is Saturday.

So, all is Okay.

I look up towards the mantle, “Should I water that plant?”

And I’m reminded to be patient, as I focus on the words.


Everything is going to be ok.

The words, I focus on the words.

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Thank you Jennifer!

Thank you Jennifer!


2 thoughts on “ok, focused and purposeful

  1. Hello! Visiting from #TellHisStory. I hear your heart. Wanting time to slow down, but looking forward to smooth sailing through happy events. Wanting everything to be okay. I’ve seen three daughters married and also have a sophomore son (high school 🙂 ). I enjoyed reading your thoughtful post.


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