Colors and Seasons of Now

Accepting change like leaves positioned expectantly waiting for God’s rich unknown.

Close enough to changing climatephoto 2_kindlephoto-76372323

Towards sunlight, running it’s end of summer course

It’s season, its time.

Change anticipated, transformation contentedly worn.

The vibrant, the one open-ended embracing change, absorbing the beautiful nest, full

Not empty.

Fashioned, a freshly different statement, a new name.

New solitary look

Assured, resting in the

Choice of less resistance, rather

of  acceptance, trust, faith, fearless waiting for new, for different.

Embracing sooner, more boldly.

Tucked away, confident and content in the new colors of my life for now, just now

For seasons are framed in brevity, then joined finally

Mingled, richly, openly in loving strong embrace

A brilliant design is the transformation of my children,

Their mama, accepting our beautiful changing season.

photo 1_kindlephoto-76466621

I am confident.  

I will see the Lord’s goodness here .

Psalm 28 :13

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