Wednesday Prayers and a Sunset

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Country church sky

On Wednesday nights, we still gather to pray.

It’s a childhood memory for me, fewer people midweek, less an expectation, more a desire for sharing stories with gentle listeners.

We still call it Prayer Meeting.

Our little country church, a gathering place for believers in prayer

Empty seats, not so much reserved as a Sunday morning seat. We join together, scattered souls on pews in an evening lit sanctuary.

We’ve shown up to thank, to beseech, to acknowledge.

Our requests shared are sacred, simple, personal.

Worrisome, humble requests

Our hands raise when the time to share is offered.

As if called upon by the wisest of teachers, we speak with trembling voices or calm, open ourselves up in communion.

Fewer in number, less obligatory feeling,  more committed and connected

I went to church last week on Wednesday.

I should go more often.

My prayers were heard. Evidence of God two days later.

Burdens, heartache, anxieties, concerns over the needs of others,  much like mine.

We bowed together in a closing prayer,  spoken with added expressions of  “Jesus, we love you.”  and  “We just thank you for lovin’ us..”

My pastor, seated in back pew, paused in his exit to listen

Joining in with quiet whispers of “yes”  a recognition of the grace and mercy of our God.

The closing prayer, one of gratitude and humble adoration, concluded with “God, you’re so good.” and then, ” in your Son’s name, Amen”.

Just a handful of people that night. We all walked out the doors of the church together and marvelled at the sky, captivated by the sunset.

Reminded each other to “drive careful” and “see you Sunday.”

I drove home, staring quietly, allowing the expression of my needs to settle, waiting in trust, to rest in the confidence of being heard.

The coral colored sunset horizon, beckoning me to continue on.

Prayers answered

I took a photo with my phone, wishing for a camera or thinking maybe I ‘d even stop to capture the view, a real photograph.

Days later, prayers were answered, a worrisome obstacle behind, I scanned the gallery on my phone and saw the sunset, different now.

I saw the cross, back lit by splendid sunset, promised resolution.

Prayer meeting, sunset and a cross.

Cast your cares on the Lord. He will sustain you. Psalm 56:22

Thank you Jennifer!

Thank you Jennifer!

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Prayers and a Sunset

  1. “Prayer meeting, sunset and a cross.” is your story in a nutshell. But oh, the sacred wonder and beauty of it! I feel blessed to be your neighbour at #TellHisStory and able to enjoy this lovely post. Have a blessed weekend. 🙂


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