Day 8 of 31 Days of UNimpressive writing: enough

family, wonder

What if one thing, first thing in the morning is the best thing of the day?

Well, it would be enough.

Three times in a row…Colt lept into the air and caught his tennis ball.

Barely daylight and I complained again of routine.

Put on a hoodie and boots and into the autumn air we went.

photo 3-3_kindlephoto-58913523

Our routine, several tosses, food, water, into his spot for the day with chewy things to occupy.

I toss, he retrieves, I say “drop” he drops, I toss again, again.

Three times in a row, he jumped,  perfectly timed and caught tennis ball in 1-4

He strutted back, “Good boy”, I said looking into his mud brown eyes.

And that was and is the highlight of my day.

And it is more than enough.

Prayed, simply Lord, help me to sense my blessings, your good.

Tennis balls and big Brown dogs, thrilled to be alive.

Yes, Lord, this was more than enough.

photo 2-4_kindlephoto-58996539

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