Art and Soul

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My friend told me, “Your art is very calming.”

I paint with all my heart, usually start a painting and finish it in a day.

I’m frantic in my process; yet, oblivious,  content.

photo 1-5_kindlephoto-985572

I paint as I write. Honest, brave and from my heart.

Otherwise, it’s contrived and it’s letters, words and colors.

Not art.

Not soul.

I sold a painting today. It’s one that I loved.

I have only recently been brave enough to share my art, my soul. 

A moonlit pine from Peacock Hill…the country place of my childhood.

My children’s childhoods.   I can see it, feel it. A crisp winter night, full moon quiet solitude and a dark sky.  Bright moonlight landing on a tall pine.FB_IMG_1444959439535

My friend Ray bought the simple painting.

He felt its emotion.

He said,  “It spoke to me as soon as I saw it.”

I thought and told him,  he made my day.

Because he saw what I painted. He saw the soul of my art.

I thought of Van Gogh, surprised by this quote on love.

I had assumed a crazed, erratic, maybe even misunderstood artist.  His paintings, frenzied and layered, I had always envisioned an artist who was unstable, his creativity an outlet for insanity.

And then, I stumbled upon this quote and saw his soul.

This weekend, I’ll paint.

The house will be mine. I’ll have hours to myself.

photo 3-4

I’ll layer colors and texture.

I’ll pause to think…maybe some music, only to realize an hour later I’m painting in silence and it will be good, more than good.

A quiet, solitary day.

Art and I.

This morning I journaled a prayer…I hadn’t written since Monday.

The “31 day” challenge…not so much a failure as an acknowledgement of no sense in stressing. Writing is joy, not stress.  But, painting…I wanted to paint, had no time, no real inspiration because of work/life brain overload.

I was heading down the pity path, not enough time or talent…oh, well.

In my words, in my art.  I longed to paint more, signing my name and marking each painting with words “quiet confidence” in large, hand written letters, Isaiah 30:15 as sub text.

My prayer, my honest place this morning …

Lord, help me to rest.  Help me to know that in your time,

the right time , you will bless me in ways that reveal

my  heart and your love.

Art and Soul

Soul and Art.

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