Sing Your Song

Children, Faith, family, grace, praise

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I stood outside my daughter’s bedroom one day.

She was singing before church.

Her voice, clear and honest, uninhibited.

Not too long ago, I walked as softly as possible towards my son’s door as he played his guitar.

Day 4 of Advent is depicted in bright, vibrant combination of colors.

Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing…Glory to the newborn king.

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I bet the angels sang like a Sunday morning praise with no one around or a Sunday afternoon strum to calm the soul.

When Jesus was born in a manger under a starry sky of cobalt blue.

Unabashedly, joyously and unreserved.

My friend Carolyn is an accomplished artist.  She encourages me.

She prefers oils,  pastel or watercolor.

She and I talked of layering, of color and of creating with abandon.

Our hands covered in color, applied with intent or spontaneity, uninhibited.

Velvety vivid, touchable colors created for emotion

With emotion.

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Singing when no one’s around or  fingertips covered in color.

All art is praise.


Glory to the newborn king

Born to be our Savior.

To be gloriously and happily praised.

In the quiet private and the wide open.






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