Everyday Delight

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photo 3-5_kindlephoto-1076406There’s a place I begin each day.

It’s quite heavenly for me.

A delightful time allowed myself, a commitment.

Not rushing forward to join the day.

Just making a point to hold my thin little book and pen

and to write a few or many words.  It differs day to day.

Sitting, feet tucked under to read words of wisdom, to add with fluid black ink marking thick ivory page.photo-30_kindlephoto-6728005

Recording words that resonate and then to go on about my day.

Allowing them to catch up with me later, my favorite part.

This is my happy way of life, this little snippet of each day.

It’s sort of like little mental post-it notes, pretty pastels tucked here or there, saying “This is why you needed this verse.” .

If I write, I remember.

Just when I need it.

It’s delightful like today’s image for Advent, Day 10.  The most beautiful of happy colors, like square-shaped sticky notes, reminding me of the sweetness of a life God desires for me.


Things that delight my heart are the things the Lord the desires for me:

My children smiling, my home at peace, a solace in storm and a welcoming return for friends and family;

Good health for ones I love and the gift of knowing Jesus for all I meet.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37: 4





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