Favored and Growing

courage, Faith, Trust, Vulnerability, wonder

I took today’s image, Day 11 Advent and laid it on my desk

Next to small books, bird’s nest and collected things, they’re pretty objects to distract and to settle me all at the same time.

This softly colored yellow card, with tree branch painted white over the word “eleven”.


It’s been my favorite all along, its simplistic beauty.

The idea of a solitary branch reaching out to grow, to yearn for the best and farthest reaching places.

Like grabbing hold that thing that’s just beyond your grasp

The tiniest, most delicate of newly sprouted  branches with much room to grow.

Like a renewed desire prompted by a sincere compliment.

The things we love reach out and grow just as far and as strong as we allow or not.

Pruned by doubt or nourished by wholehearted belief.

It’s no secret anymore, the thing that you nourish like a Spring planted tree, fed, watered, cared for wholeheartedly, until

It nourishes you back.

.. it was because you favored them and smiled on them.  Psalm 44:3

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