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One of those mornings, waking up early for no reason to a totally quiet house.

Read Psalms and Proverbs, day 16, before sleep.  Needing to flush out the negative of social media overload.

The gluttony of politics making me nauseous. So, purposefully, I read from Psalms, from Proverbs.

Rest was good, full and sufficient.

Led me to wake without alarm,  to greet the day before dawn.

Jesus Calling today, a reminder to shut out the craziness, distractions, disorder and get back to Jesus…back to peace.

So, I hold my Bible before opening.

Turn to guide, little check marks for my reading through this year.

Genesis and Exodus almost done, a quarter way through the Psalms and made it to the heart of Luke,

Oh,  the beautiful words of Jesus here!

Today, I turned back, though before picking up at place from day before.

Wanted to reread a special passage.

The place in Exodus where I discovered my daddy’s name, Ruel.

A man who welcomed Moses in, fed him, blessed him and gave his blessing.

I wondered if he was quiet and handsome like daddy or if my grandmother, Cynthia, who I never had chance to know, chose this name on a morning years and years ago as she sat in the quiet with her Bible.

I believe she did, believe she chose my daddy’s name this way.

I can’t explain the joy of this, finding my daddy’s name there in the Book of Exodus.

Turning to Psalm 44, I read of people seeking God in time of unrest, crying out to Him.

Comforted by people who committed to “not turn back, not departed from God’s way”  verse 18.

Finally read from Luke 7, Jesus’ loving response to a woman, her tears, falling from her face to wash His feet.

His words in response…
“Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”


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