Mail: prompt for five minutes of writing


Black pen, quiet morning, and thoughts on God’s call for my life

Every morning I write myself a letter. I fill margins with wise words, encouragement and deploring of God submissions.

I’d like to believe and since faith is believing what I can’t see but, knowing it true somehow…

that God sees my journal and like the sound of the mailman’s truck pausing three houses down, stopping next door and

making its way out front; He hears and bends to gather my mail.

Oh,  Lisa is praying, let me turn to open her letter. Let me read of her gratitude and consider her needs.

Let me pause to hear her heart and lead her to my reply as she opens my love letter, my word.


five minute friday :: mail

One thought on “Mail: prompt for five minutes of writing

  1. What a beautiful word picture. I love to journal my prayers often. Written words often help me to clarify my thought. Behind you at Kate’s place today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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